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Product Description
Electric swim ladder
Electric swim ladder

Electric swim ladder

This system enables to deploy electrically a swim ladder



Guidance: The Guidance of the ladder is executed by two plastic pads which slide into the polyester case. The upper step of the ladder is articulated within these 2 pads. The ladder’s tipping over is provided by two plastic ramps fixed on the polyester casing. The translational stop is provided by the stoppers attached to the ends of the rails.

Automatic resettable thermal safety:The safety during the use of the ladder is assured by a thermal safety which stops the motor in case of high overload. This security is automatically reset a few moments later.

Driving:The movement of the ladder is provided by an electric 12VDC motor located outside the sealed polyester box. This motor controls a sprocket / chain set which ensures the displacement of the ladder. The limit switches stop the ladder in the extended and retracted position.

Control: The control buttons are deported and placed at the convenience of the project. But they must be positioned to see the ladder during its operation. The user has to maintain a continuous pressure on the control button during the whole movement.

Disengagement: In case of power failure on board, the motor can be uncoupled from the ladder. This disengagement is executed by uncoupling the motor from the drive by a human intervention (see photo on the right). Once the motor is disconnected, the ladder can be manualy operated.

these dimensions and characteristics are based on our standard but our expertise enables us to respond to specific requests and adapt to your dimensions and yours specifications. Please contact us.

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