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Product Description
Polyester sun awing
Polyester sun awing

Polyester sun awing

This system enables to electrically motorize the translation of a polyester awning



This mechanism is available in standard sizes (see table below), but it can also easily be proposed in other dimensions, please contact us

On the plan below the awning is shown in a fully extended position.


Speed: The movable roof moving speed is about 0.1 m / s.

Power supply:12Vdc or 24Vdc

Electric control:The system is controlled by connecting a command button (MOM OFF MOM) on the electronic box.

Operating:The operating is done by pressing on the command button continuously.

Navigation:We recommend to never sail with the awning out. This is why the mechanism is delivered with an output LED on the electronic box indicating when the awning has not been closed. This light can then be put on the dashboard for example.

these dimensions and characteristics are based on our standard but our expertise enables us to respond to specific requests and adapt to your dimensions and yours specifications. Please contact us.

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