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Product Description
2 parts table-lift
2 parts table-lift

2 parts table-lift

This system in stainless steel enables a motorized rise and descent of a table top for outdoor or indoor use.


This solution finished in Mirror polished stainless steel 316 enables for example the transformation of a high table to a bed or coffee table.

Maximum load: 100kg

Presentation & dimensions:

The references with - SYNC can be synchronized 2 by 2 using the synchronization box ref NL1270.

Other sizes are available on request. Conditions to be respected: - Height of Leg In (STD = A, Semi-Built-In = A+G) = Stroke length + 134mm - Height of Leg In (STD = B, Semi-Built-In = B+G) = Height of Leg In + Stroke length

these dimensions and characteristics are based on our standard but our expertise enables us to respond to specific requests and adapt to your dimensions and yours specifications. Please contact us.

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