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2 parts table-lift

Pied de table 2 étage Inox

2 parts table-lift

Yacht Automation

This motorized stainless steel system allows the automatic raising and lowering of the tabletop, both outdoors and indoors.


  • This 316 stainless steel mirror-polished solution makes it possible to change a high table into a bed or a coffee table, for example.
  • Maximum load: 100kg

2 Stages electric table lift

2 parts table-lift
  • Specific sizes on request, please contact us.
  • Conditions to be maintained:

- height with base taken in (STD = A, semi-recessed = A + G) = travel + 134mm

- height with base out (STD = B, semi-recessed = B + G) = height with foot in + travel

This solution finished in Mirror polished stainless steel 316 enables for example the transformation of a high table to a bed or coffee table.


2 parts table-lift