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Product Description
Electric sliding windows
Electric sliding windows

Electric sliding windows

Noval offers electric sliding window solutions


This range of electric sliding windows offers many opportunities for adaptation in terms of dimensions and shapes for the best fitting in a wide variety of boats according to your specifications.


- Glazing in securit screen-printed glass fixed on a sliding aluminium frame.

- Fixed aluminum frame.

- Actuator stroke length: 100mm.

- Window stroke length: 500 mm.

- Two limit switches integrated in the actuator enable to automatically stop the movement when the window reaches its extreme positions.

- The duration of the total stroke movement is around 15 to 18 s.

- Actuator protection rating : IP66.

- The actuator is tested 500h salt spray.

- Glass screen printed according to your specifications (degraded screen-print possible).

- Power supply: 12Vdc (24Vdc optional).

these dimensions and characteristics are based on our standard but our expertise enables us to respond to specific requests and adapt to your dimensions and yours specifications. Please contact us.

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