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Electric sliding windows

Electric sliding windows

Yacht Automation

Noval provides electric sliding windows solutions. 


  • This range of electric windows can be adapted in its dimensions and forms, for an optimal fit in wide variety of boats, based on your specific requirements. 

Electric sliding windows


  • Glazed safety glass on a sliding aluminium frame. 
  • Fixed aluminium frame
  • 100mm cylinder travel
  • 500mm pane travel
  • Two end-of-stroke sensors integrated in the cylinder to automatically stop the movement when the glazing reaches its limit positions
  • The duration of movement for full travel is approximately 15 to 18s.
  • Cylinder protection index: IP66
  • Cylinder tested at 500h in salt spray
  • Screen printed glass according to your CDC (gradient optional).
  • Power source: 12V DC (24V DC optional).