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Ceiling TV lift

Ascenseur d'écran tv depuis le plafond

Ceiling TV lift

Yacht Automation

This system enables the rotation a flat-screen TV and its invisble storage in the ceilling.


Ceiling TV LIFT

  • Source voltage: 24V DC as standard.
  • Rotation angle can be changed from between 90° and 100°
  • 1 radio remote as standard
  • Smooth movement with acceleration and decelaration phase at the beginning and end of the session
  • Automatic locking system in closed position to protect the device and screen during navigation. Structure in electro-galvanized steel RAL 9010 as standard. Other colours are available on request.
  • System provided with protection to stop movement in case of unexpected forces interracting with the system (obstacle, etc.).
  • Additional rotation around the vertical axis can be provided
  • Option to reverse the system (the TV screen can be visible in the ceiling once folded away). 


  • Max TV height: 550 mm
  • Max TV width: 125mm
  • Max TV length:

- If the thickness of the TV is less than 85 mm -> no max width

- If the thickness of the TV is greater than 85mm -> TV max width: 810 mm


Ceiling TV lift