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Product Description
Ceiling TV lift
Ceiling TV lift

Ceiling TV lift

This system enables the rotation of a flat screen TV to invisibly store in the ceiling.


Supply voltage: 24Vdc. as standard.

Adjustable rotation angle between 90 ° and 100 °. 1 remote control as standard.

Fluid Movement with phases of acceleration and deceleration at the start and end of limits.

Automatic locking system in the closed position to protect the device and the screen during the navigation.

The structure is in zinc plated steel powder coated RAL90010 in standard. Other colors are possible on

System protection that stops the movement when unexpected efforts interact with the system (obstacle,...).

Presentation & standard dimensions:

Maximum screen size:

Max height of the TV: 550 mm

Max thickness of the TV: 125 mm

Max Width of the TV:

- If the thickness of the TV is less than 85 mm-> no max width

- If the thickness of the TV is more than 85 mm-> Max width of the TV: 810 mm

these dimensions and characteristics are based on our standard but our expertise enables us to respond to specific requests and adapt to your dimensions and yours specifications. Please contact us.

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