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Aluminium hydraulic davits

Aluminium hydraulic davits

Yacht Automation

This system is for lauching a light tender.


  • Travel of the davit: 1800mm
  • Maximum load per davit: 300kg
  • Source voltage: 12V DC
  • Max power consumption: 200A



  • Speed control: Simultaneous ascent and descent (at the same speed) regardless of the load on each of the davits. Maintains a horizontal level for the annex attachment when ascending or descending.
  • Emergency hand pump: For maneuvering the davits (up and down) in case of electrical failure on board.
  • Remote control: Used to control the davits (up - down) remotely located and unconnected (port - starboard) of connected and simultaneous. IP67 transmitter with shock protection. 
  • Variations: Depending on the weight of the attachment, the davit travel or the desired speed, we can orffer a model in an electric version.